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Charms Office Assistant (Charms, for short) is the Sound of North’s student account management software. You can use it to see your student’s band account balances and activity.


To access Charms, please follow these instructions:

  • Log on to, and click the "ENTER/LOG IN" link at upper right.

  • Locate the "PARENT/STUDENT/MEMBERS LOGIN" section of the web page.

  • Login to your child's program account using the following School Code: ColumbusNBand

  • This will bring up the main parent page. This will allow you to look at the "public" calendar for your organization, event list, handouts and other files.

  • When you enter your child's ID NUMBER (this will be sent to you once a new school year is opened in Charms and your student’s account is created) as a Student Area Password, another more detailed screen appears with even more options to view your student's financial records and contact information. The first time you enter Charms, you will be asked to create your own, unique password. You can change it again by clicking on the "lock" (Change Password) icon.

  • Please make any necessary changes to your child's student information page (such as updating phone numbers and email addresses), and also verify the parent information at the bottom of the page. To make changes, click on the "Update Info" icon towards the bottom of the page, and don't forget to save your changes when done. Not all information is required, but the email addresses and cell numbers will be used when group emails or texts are issued. Please include your cell phone carrier -- if not we will be charged for each text, and will not be able to include you on the distribution list.

  • You may view your child's financial information by clicking on the "Finances" tab. The statement has a Summary at the top, followed by sections listing your child's band fee payments and fundraising details. At the bottom is a summary of all financial transactions. Please note that there will be a delay between when you make a payment and when the accounts manager enters that information into Charms. Updates are not instantaneous, and they are made in batches.

  • When finished, click on the "Exit Charms" to logout.  

For any questions, problems or password resets, contact the student accounts manager by email

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