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2024-2025 Band Elections

This years election for the Sound of North Band Boosters is next month! We have had people nominated for the positions and have accepted to run, if anyone else is interested in running, please let our nomination chair, Lexi Roberts, know by email at before April 11th, 2024.


Primary responsibilities of the President are: 


  • Provide a good example for other parents to  follow, because you represent the band booster organization to administration, school board members, and the community

  • Provide leadership, training, instruction, and troubleshooting 

  • Leads the board in selecting chair people for committee positions 

  • Work with treasurer and directors to prepare the annual budget

  • Assist board members and volunteers are in the performance of their duties and provide guidance and support as necessary

  • Schedule, develop agenda, and chair monthly board meetings 

  • Communicate with band directors/staff regularly 

  • Active liaison between parents and directors 

  • Maintain a posted calendar and communication system with assistance from the directors 

  • Chair Sponsorship Activities 

  • Oversees and directs band camp, invitational, special events, and Jazz A la mode 

  • Check the PO Box and Booster Box for communication, bills, payments, etc, and distributes to the correct board members and/or committee members

  • This is a time and labor intensive position that requires time at school, at home, and at competitions

President- Denise Sharpe I graduated from IU School of Dentistry and have been a hygienist for 18 years. I am all about seeing your kids smile. I am married and have 8 children, Brooklynn (29-mother of my two grandsons, Grant (8) and Lynnden (7) and my granddaughter, Emberlynn (7 months)), Seth (26-SON tenor saxophone and color/winter guard alumni, Cavalier Drum and Bugle Corps Color Guard & Lexis/Inspire/Pride Of Cincinnati Winter Guard alumni, a behavior health therapist, going to school at Wright State for a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Co-Director of Miamisburg Color/Winter Guard), Tyler (24-SON trombone/baritone and winterguard alumni and currently is an operator at Lenex Steel), Dezyrae (19-SON/SAS tenor sax and color/winter guard alumni, is a Site Coordinator for ICare, and color/winter guard staff for SAS/BCSC WG), Kayonna (18-SON/SAS tenor sax and color/winter guard alumni, works front desk for Dog World, and in school for Cosmetology), Myra (15-9th grade color/winter guard member), Willa (13-7th grade winter guard member), and Taiytim (9-3rd grade, was a member of junior cadet winter guard when it was offered and currently in tumbling gymnastic classes). I love camping, singing, spending time with family, and being a band/guard mom. I am completing my 13th year as a band parent, 11th year as guard ambassador, and first year as President for SON Booster Board. I served as the Vice President for the Board for the previous four years. I have been the fundraising chair and in charge of dine to donates and spirit wear for the last five years. I taught the junior cadet winter guard and was on volunteer staff for the color/winter guard for two years. I have volunteered in most areas of the band and guard and have helped to plan, organize and execute our events, including band camp, invitational, Jazz A La Mode and many others over the last 13 years. I have also served as the marching band cheer mom and lead the spirit section for the last 11 years. I am a very experienced band parent and I always have the members best interest at heart. I am willing to do whatever it takes to make this program a success. I look forward to working alongside each and everyone one of you and your children.


Primary responsibilities of the Vice-President are: 

  • Provide a good example for other parents to follow

  • Assist the President in the performance of duties 

  • Help with identifying and overseeing fundraising activities

  • This position requires more time during fundraisers 

Vice President- Kymber Perkins Hello, I am Kymber, and I am running for Vice President. I graduated from Harrison College in September of 2012 with an Associates Degree in Medical Assisting. I am currently working as a Direct Support Professional providing respite care for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. I am married and together we have 3 kids: Ayden a Sophomore at CSA New Tech/North and has been in band since 6th Grade (marching the last two seasons), Addisyn an 8th Grader at CSA Central and loves softball and Alexander a 1st Grader at CSA Lincoln and loves Minecraft and watching his older siblings in their activities, especially his big brother and the rest of the band. I love spending time with my family and friends, especially being involved in my kids’ activities from keeping score and assisting my daughter’s softball team to hanging out on the sidelines during a Friday night football game with Ayden and the rest of the marching band. I have worked alongside Denise in various things, from the 50/50 ticket raffle to filling goodie bags for the kids ahead of BOA Grand Nationals at Lucas Oil Stadium. I am also the Website Content Creator for both Sound and Spirit of Columbus Marching Band and Sound of North. I am excited about this opportunity and look forward to working with you and your children to make this program successful while keeping the members' best interests in mind. Thank you for your consideration.

Band Secretary

Primary duties of the Secretary are: 

  • Provide a good example for other parents to follow

  • Attend monthly board meetings and take and provide past minutes at the monthly booster meetings 

  • Keep minutes of Executive Board Meetings  

  • Keeps a copy of all records, including bylaws, minutes, and any other documentation 

  • Provide a monthly newsletter 

  • Communicates with parents via email, Remind, and Facebook 

  • Communicates with the Website Coordinator for content 

Band Secretary- Amanda Devine Hello, I'm Amanda Devine, I am running for the position of Secretary. I graduated Salutatorian from Harrison College in 2014/15 with my associate degrees in Medical Assisting & Medical Reimbursement Technology. I currently work for Columbus Regional Hosptial as a Medical Support Analyst Refund Auditor, for the Hospital and All the Associated Physicians' Offices Associated with CRH. My husband Nathan and I just celebrated our 15th year anniversary, we have 1 daughter -Bella a Freshman Guard member (2nd year color/winter guard), we have 2 sons Nathan (20), Kal-el (17) graduated high school early(online) and is starting college in May. We have a Boston Terrier named James Kirk and 3 exotic animals a red-eared slider (turtle-Sam), a bearded dragon (Amara) and a hedgehog (Lilo). I am an avid crafter and LOVE teaching people how to take ordinary objects and to turn them into things they never thought of. I love being a part of my daughter's world and being a part of this band family helps me to do that. This is the second year I have volunteered as the "seamstress" for the color guard, worked at invitationals, been a chaperone, prop crew, ect. It does not matter if it's for the Guard or the Band my philosophy has always been and will always be " I Go where the Need Is". I have had the opportunity to make the most amazing band parent friends through this program because of volunteering and feel truly blessed. I like things to be organized which is why I am running for Secretary; I like the I's to be dotted and the T's to be crossed. With what I do for a living if you didn't write it down it didn't happen, so note taking is my jam. I am also the Raise Right person for North, so I have to keep records and run reports every month so being secretary is in my wheelhouse. I believe in this organization; I have seen the great things it has done for our kids, and I would be proud to be an even bigger part of this. Thank you!

Band Treasurer

Primary duties of the Treasurer are: 

  • Provide a good example for other parents to follow

  • Receives all payments, donations, and fundraising proceeds for deposits

  • Pays all bills for band and reimbursement expenses per the budget

  • Receives and reconciles banking statements

  • Creates and reports the financials at the monthly meetings

  • Maintains the financial statements

  • Pays Staff and files tax documents

  • Completes annual tax reporting to state and federal authorities 

  • Prepares a budget based on past years for directors and board to adjust and approve annually

  • Works with the Student Accounts person to maintain consistency with financials 

  • Maintains a good working relationship with the banking institution 

  • This position is time consuming and requires attention to detail and organization 

Band Treasurer- Jenny Coombs I have a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from Georgetown College and am a licensed CPA (Kentucky). I have 24 years of accounting experience in various industries and positions. Currently I'm the Controller and Office Manager for LEAR Machining & Waterjet, and do payroll for a few other small businesses. Kent and I are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary in April and we have 2 kids. Anna (8th grade at Northside, will attend CSA New Tech/North) plays percussion, has done 2 seasons of JV Winter Guard and was in color guard last marching season. Micah (6th grade at Southside, will attend Central next year) plays saxophone, is on the VEX Robotics team and takes Jiu Jitsu classes. I enjoy cooking, especially baking, and reading, and we love to travel as much as we can.

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