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#45-Sound of North NEWSLETTER 2018

November 8, 2018






Page 1 - Contents

Page 2 - BOA Grand Nationals Lucas Oil Stadium; All State Band Audition; Solo & Ensemble; Wind Ensemble

Page 3-  Guard Auditions; Italy Trip Reminders; Band Fees

Page 4-  Booster Meetings; Scrip & Kroger; Upcoming Dates;

Page 5-  Who’s Who







THURSDAY November 8th

11:06am  After 4th Period eat lunch

12:00pm  Move equipment to stadium

12:30pm  Rehearsal Begins

2:30pm  Run Through

          After Rehearsal, load all equipment, uniform jacket, hat onto Transport

4:15 pm  Meet in the Band Room in Full Uniform (minus hat and jacket)

4:30 pm  Leave for Lucas Oil Stadium

5:15 pm  Arrive Lucas Oil Stadium

             Enter stadium to watch a few bands, shop and eat if you would like.

6:45pm   Meet the transport in the LOT to assemble and prepare.

7:15pm   Meet in Sections

7:35pm   Enter SW Tunnel for Warm Up

7:45pm   Warm Up Begins


9:00pm   Take Pictures

9:15pm   Change & Load

10:00pm  Head for home

10:45pm Arrive at CN and unload


FRIDAY November 9th

***           Drum Majors and Directors will attend  the AWARDS CEREMONY.   We will not attend AWARDS as a group, but they will be live streamed at .  If we are selected for Semi-Finals, the Saturday schedule will be posted on Facebook and various places ASAP.


SATURDAY November 10th

Schedule for Saturday TBA Friday night.


For a complete listing of BOA performances and times,

please visit 



All State Band Audition:

ALL STATE AUDITION MUSIC is up. You can find it at Click on All State Tab.

Solo & Ensemble:

Sign-up for Solo & Ensemble have started.  If interested in signing up, see Mr. Stultz or Mr. Burton.

Wind Ensemble:

Students that are in the Wind Ensemble class have begun the audition process for seat placement.  If you haven’t received your music see Mr. Stultz ASAP



Columbus North Guard Auditions:

JV Auditions (high schoolers)- November 15th and November 16th 4pm-7pm at Columbus North Band Room


Cadet Callout (Ages 10-14 or middle school)- November 28th 5pm-6pm at Columbus North Band Room


Junior Cadet (Ages 6-9)- November 30th 5pm-6pm at Columbus North Band Room


Italy Trip Reminders:

Your trip account needs to have $2800 by November 22, 2018.  If it does not, your account will be closed indefinitely.  Shortly after Thanksgiving MTC will be purchasing the plane tickets.  Also, if you have not gotten your passport yet, you should begin the process now.  If you do not plan on going on the trip please let us know so we can remove you from the list.  If you have any questions regarding your MTC account you can email Barbara Sherwood at or by phone at 317-637-0837.  Other questions, email Amy at

Band Fees:

Band fees are vital to help keep the band program operating and cover a variety of expenses such as:

· Music scores

· Band Camp Expenses

· Instrument repair and maintenance

· Competition registration fees

· Transportation

· Uniforms

There are several ways the student fees can be paid. They are:

· US Postal Mail. The address is:

CNHS Bands, PO Box 2122, Columbus, IN 47202

· PayPal using the following link:

· Directly to Mr. Burton or Mr. Bill Stultz

The Scrip Box in the band hallway just outside the band room doors. Please be sure to put your payment in an envelope and mark it fees.

We appreciate everything that you do as parents in supporting the program. Thank you for your help and we look forward to a successful marching season.

If you have any questions regarding your band account, please email the account manager at

Paul Gloeckner, Treasurer – Columbus North Band Booster Association

Booster Meetings:

Perhaps you did not realize as parents and guardians of our CN band, you are all Booster Members.  A booster meeting is not a meeting for only Booster Officers.  In booster meetings you will learn about the program and the upcoming events and projects regarding the band.  Meetings are a great place to ask any questions you may have, or if you have any suggestions that you would like to share.  If you are wanting to help out or volunteer but do not know where to start, meetings are a great place to find the information you need to help with your decision.  During these meetings, we as parents and guardians, come together to make this the best possible program it can be.  The more parent involvement we have, the better program we will become.

Booster meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of the month (unless there is a conflict).  However, the next Booster meeting is Thursday, Nov. 15th at 7 PM due to BOA being on the 8th.

Scrip & Kroger:

Scrip Dates for extra money:

November 20:  is Thank-Scrip-ing Day - Huge bonus potential on eGift cards and physical gift card reloads.  You will need a registered reloadable gift card to take advantage of the reload bonus.

Kroger community rewards for this quarter have been totaled.  Please check your account and send a screen shot to or a picture to 317-457-1232 that shows your total.  

To find your total login, go to " my account" and then "community rewards" on the left side of the page.  Your amount will show up at the bottom.  The font is smaller than you might expect!

This amount will not stick around so check and send today!!


If you have any questions, please text Sara Donathen-Smith at 317-457-1232.


Nov 8 2018: BOA-see page 2

Nov 13 2018: Marching Band Awards North Auditorium 7:30 PM

Dec 1, 2018:  Festival of Lights Parade time TBA

Dec 18, 2018:  Winter Concert - Concert/Orchestra



Director of Bands - Bill Stultz

Assistant Director of Bands - Keith Burton

Color Guard Director -    Ivan Somers

President - Amy Jackson

Vice President - Mike Hacker

Treasurer - Paul Gloeckner

Secretary - Jennifer Speer

Volunteer Coordinator -  Kim Cox

Band Uniforms - Carla McKenna

Nurse - Kim Cox

Lead Band Chaperones -Amanda Watkins

and Carol Corbeels

Penske/Props & Screens Coordinator -Emily Gloeckner  

Semi (Pit/Loading) Coordinator - Bob Cox

Semi Driver - Phil Corbeels

Penske Driver -   Clifton Beverly

Spirit Wear -  Amy Jackson

Scrip Coordinator - Sara Dorathen Smith

Kiwanis Ducks - Carol Corbeels

Band Discount Cards - Bill Stultz

SoN Invitational Coordinator - Amy Jackson

Accounts Volunteer - anonymous

Newsletter -Jennifer Speer

SoN Website Caretaker -  Todd Riordan

SoN Facebook -   wearethesoundofnorth   (request to be a friend)

Color Guard Facebook -  Columbus North Color Guard (request to be a friend)